Credit Card secured 12 (CCs12) is revolutionizing online shopping by providing an easy and effective solution to security issues facing traditional payment card. CCs12 is a new card on the market which implements a device and a method which secures datas of payment card. This card meets the requirements of banks, (e-)merchants and consumers. It secures customer purchases on internet.



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Who is she ?

Credit Card secured 12 (CCs12) is a revolutionary payment card because it is tamper-proof. This invention, born from a French start-up, is today protected by a patent registered in more than 150 countries and is expected to be talked about for its proven reliability. By becoming the safest form of payment in the world, CCs12 will quickly become the number one cybercriminals nightmare.

This card is THE solution of the future to fight against cybercrime omnipresent in our daily life. Faced with the growing figures of fraud both nationally and internationally, the inventors of CCs12 ensure that they succeed in their objective: to eradicate this scourge linked to the bank card which, every day, is claiming more and more victims.


What she does ?

Now, and it is a certainty, internet shopping is entering a new era with CCs12. As we face a major pandemic with Covid-19, CCs12 makes sense in this containment period.

Now, and it is a certainty, internet shopping is entering a new era with CCs12. The invention CCs12 is a method of securing the secure data of the payment card which is associated with a bank account. It consists of only partially recording the security data on said card.

CCs12 turns the financial panorama upside down and intends to put an end to more than $ 24 billion in bank card fraud per year, including € 800 million for France alone !

Adopting CCs12 means allowing users to pay for their purchases online with a 100% security rate!




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