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SMS scam

Please note that a fraudulent SMS has been circulating for several months and, due to the Coronavirus, this scam has increased. The message tells recipients that they must pay customs fees to receive their package. Based on false information, this scam targets people who have ordered a...

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End of validation SMS

Brussels has made it its priority ! Despite cryptogram and SMS-OTP (One time password), payment by bank card continues to carry a real risk. This is why Europe had issued an ultimatum to the banks in order to find a new secure device before September...

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8 tips for buying well with your bank card

DO YOU MAKE PURCHASES WITH YOUR BANK CARD ? → Keep your card in a safe place. Never leave your card in your vehicle → Memorize your PIN and never write it. → Sign your bank card as soon as possible to prevent a fraudster signing with his own...

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Cybercrime on the rise with Covid-19

All cybersecurity players have noted for several weeks an increase in computer fraud, in particular those using covid-19 very directly as a fraudulent vector. So there are countless phishing attempts baiting the virus. This form of scam consists of creating a message with an official appearance...

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