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Usable in around 160 countries and 26 million points of sale and ATMs worldwide, rich with 21,000 banks and financial partner companies, Visa is a payment card that allows you to withdraw your money wherever you are .

It is available in a wide range from the most basic models to the most exclusive cards, with a subscription accordingly. Depending on the Visa card chosen with your bank, you will have access to different withdrawal and payment ceilings, but also to many insurance and assistance services.

Specializing in the design and distribution of financial products, SERFIN Sarl is a financial advisory and intermediation company. It is at the forefront of electronic banking, NICT, Mobile Money and E-commerce. Thanks to its experience and expertise recognized by the largest national and international banking institutions, SERFIN Sarl is at the base of the development of value-added services on money transfer, prepaid bank cards, Mobile Money and electronic payments , especially on the African continent.

SELP is a partner of issuers of secure documents on all continents.
Its customers are originally large chains, banks and governments, but SELP has crossed these borders and now supplies 8 business sectors.
The international company offers its customers a global offer, from project design to completion. Products, services and solutions are present in more than 60 countries.

UBA is the leading bank in Africa with more than 7 million customers. UBA enjoys an international reputation for excellence, the result of its commitment to put its customers at the heart of its strategy and to innovate constantly. At the forefront of the renaissance of the African economy, UBA invests in innovative security solutions.

The ICS ambition is recognized as the most attractive and innovative supplier of security systems in Africa : Security identification, document security, electronic payment, electronic security and remote monitoring, and, finally, traceability, this international company intervenes in several sectors for various clients, such as banks and insurance companies, private companies and governments.

ICS, beyond its perfect mastery of technology, is convinced that the key to success lies in the ability to adapt quickly to technological developments and new unsafe techniques, without losing sight of ethical values.

The network of different Brev & Sud firms in France was born out of the desire to be close to French industrial clients, whose objective is to best carry out the advisory mission, but also to play an active role in detecting innovation and in fact in its protection, while guaranteeing the shortest response times.

The firm has numerous approvals, the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), EPO (European Patent Office), OHIM (Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market), WIPO (World Organization for Intellectual Property).

LAMARTINE CONSEIL is a leading law firm specializing in business consulting, for a tailor-made service resolutely focused on the transmission of SMEs and SMIs.

LAMARTINE CONSEIL is member of the Investors for Growth (France Invest) Association and the IACF.

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